Veterinary products


In March 2010, LEROS successfully entered the market with veterinary preparations. Its goal – just as with its products for human consumption – is to provide pet and animal owners with purely natural medicinal mixtures of plant origin, focusing on quality and tested effects. The first product for this market is the registered product LEROS PULMORAN HORSE for the health of the respiratory tract and bronchi of horses.

LEROS PULMORAN HORSE contains a balanced herbal mixture in cut form, which is a suitable form for the problem-free administration of the mixture to horses. In developing the mixtures, we take great care to ensure their effectiveness, which is the key factor, as well as the easiest possible handling and the possibility of storage in stables. But when choosing between effectiveness and simplicity, we opt for effectiveness at the cost of a slightly more complicated preparation.

The substances contained in LEROS PULMORAN HORSE effectively dissolve phlegm, ease coughing out, relax cramping in smooth muscles, have an anti-inflammatory effect, and protect mucous tissue. The mixture is suitable even for preventive use. The product has been approved by the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Bio-preparations and Medicines.