Customised Production

Dárkové balení čajů Krabička čaje včetně papírového přebalu Nálevový sáček čaje v papírovém přebalu

We offer

  • Gift tea packages for your business partners or employees in a design of your choice Variability in terms of rendering and prices
  • A broad range of teas
  • Individualised approach
  • Various forms of packaging to suit the customer’s wishes
  • Packaging in wooden gift boxes sporting the customer’s logo
  • Tea package in the customer’s design (glossy “sleeve”, protective foil inside tea box and outside)
  • Tea box, including paper wrapper, in the customer’s design  
  • Tea bags in a paper wrapper in the customer’s design

To receive a final offer, the following must be specified:

  • Kind of tea
  • Type of packaging
  • Number of colours in the event of the customer’s own design
  • The delivery date – based on the kind of tea, amount, and packaging
    – from 2 to 8 weeks 

For a specific offer, please contact us at the following
address:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it